The Student Services organises a tutor programme in the student residences. Tutors are committed to a diverse community life with general educational, cultural and sporting events. An important element of the tutor programme is also supporting international students and students who have just moved in. Activities independently planned by the tutors include cooking evenings, beach ball tournaments, games nights, theatre visits, trips, barbecues, running groups and sightseeing.
Tutor vacancies are advertised in the respective student residences. Those taking on posts as tutors need organisational talent, creativity and flexibility. We offer free time management, regular supervision, a qualified confirmation of work as a tutor (e.g. for applications) and a flat rate pay currently standing at 210 euros during lecture periods. In the context of the guidelines for extending the maximum rental period, tutoring activities can also be rewarded with additional accommodation semesters. Residents in the respective residence can apply.

There are also tutors in residences of other providers. The respective providers issue information about this.

b!st counselling services are responsible for the tutor programme, information is issued by Tino Steudel.