With the cashless autoload procedure, you can top up the electronic purse of your CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG by direct debit when paying at a cash desk. This means that you always have sufficient credit on your card and there is no waiting time at the cash machines. In addition, you can check your balance and view all payments you have made with the electronic purse in the last six months via the online card service at https://kartenservice.Studierendenwerk-augsburg.de. If you lose your card, you can block your electronic purse around the clock in the card service portal and thus protect your credit.


In order to use Autoload, you must register online once. To do so, inform a cashier in the mensa, cafeteria or cafebar that you would like to use the Autoload system and present your personal CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG. You will then receive your initial password, which you must enter together with the card number (CCA-ID) at www.kartenservice.Studierendenwerk-augsburg.de.

When registering, you enter the IBAN and BIC of your account from which the amount to be upgraded is to be debited. You also set the necessary parameters for the revaluations and change the initial password you received at the cash desk.

  • Change the amounts you have entered (revaluation and remaining amount / “Aufwertungs- und Restbetrag”)
  • Tracking the transactions you have made
  • Blocking the electronic purse
  • Change of password

The Autoload function will be available to you no later than one day after registration.

The revaluation amount is the amount that is loaded as a credit to the electronic purse as soon as the credit is less than the remaining amount you have specified and you verbally agree to a revaluation at the checkout. In the online card service, you can set the revaluation amount in euro increments between 20 and 50 euros.

The remaining amount is the credit balance from which an automatic top-up by direct debit takes place. You can choose an amount between 0 and 40 euros. To do this, simply log in to the online card service (https://kartenservice.Studierendenwerk-augsburg.de).

Yes, at all cash desks in the mensa, cafeterias and cafebars where you can pay with the electronic purse of the CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG.

You can top up your CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG electronic purse once per calendar day using the Autoload procedure. In addition, you can still top up with cash or girocard at the top-up points.

There is one direct debit per Autoload top-up.

Each time you top up your Autoload, you will receive a receipt at the checkout showing that the direct debit has been made. You can also track the direct debit in the online card service (https://kartenservice.Studierendenwerk-augsburg.de).

If a return debit note occurs after topping up via Autoload due to an uncovered bank account, the electronic purse of your CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG will be blocked, as topping up the electronic purse from an uncovered bank account has caused debts to the Studierendenwerk Augsburg. Arrears plus any bank charges incurred can be paid in cash at the Studierendenwerk information desk in the foyer of the Mensa at Augsburg University. Your card will then be unblocked and can be used for Autoload again. Unblocking in the cash register system can take up to one working day.

You must report the loss or defect of your CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG to the responsible office at your university (Computer Centre, ZEBRA, Human Resources Office). You can select the option “Block payment function” („Bezahlfunktion sperren“) in the online card service at www.kartenservice.Studierendenwerk-augsburg.de so that the chip card can no longer be used to pay in refectories, cafeterias and café bars. By blocking the electronic purse, your consent to the SEPA direct debit mandate automatically expires.

If you no longer wish to use Autoload, you can cancel the SEPA direct debit mandate in the online card service (https://kartenservice.Studierendenwerk-augsburg.de/kartenservice) at any time.

All persons who have a personal CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG, with their name on it.

A personalised CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG is required to use Autoload.

Participation in the autoload procedure is possible for holders of European accounts. The prerequisite is that your bank participates in the SEPA system. Please make sure that your bank account is covered for the use of the autoload procedure. Increased fees may apply for unpaid direct debits. Please contact your bank for the amount of these fees.

To do so, inform a cashier in the refectory, in the cafeteria or at the CafeBar that you would like to use the online card service and present your personal CAMPUS CARD AUGSBURG. You will then receive your initial password, which you must enter at https://kartenservice.Studierendenwerk-augsburg.de.