Kinderteller signet

What is the Kinderteller?
Balancing a child and studies presents many challenges to parents, not least financial ones. Augsburg Student Services wants to support students with a child/children with the Kinderteller – in a really simple way. Children up to six years old will get a free kids lunch when Mum or Dad presents their student ID in all Augsburg Student Services canteens in Augsburg, Kempten and Neu-Ulm.

How does the Kinderteller work?
Dead easy!
Mum or Dad hand in their student ID at the canteen till as a deposit and in return receive a child's plate and cutlery. The little one can then choose a meal from the entire canteen daily menu. The server then puts a child's portion of the desired food on the plate or the parents select a meal from the self-service range. The child can then take a seat in one of the high chairs provided. After the meal, the plate and cutlery are taken back to the till and the student ID is returned.

Where is the Kinderteller service available?
In all Augsburg Student Services' canteens

Who can answer questions about the Kinderteller?
Staff at the till can answer questions about the Kinderteller. You can also send your question about the Kinderteller by email to