mensaVital – a Student Services brand

Healthy, nutritious and sustainable food plays an important role for more and more people – particularly when they spend the day predominantly sitting down and cannot afford to lose concentration.

With this in mind, a line of menus has been developed for German Student Services, which makes a simple, balanced diet possible: mensaVital. "Kochwerk", an interdisciplinary team consisting of chefs, diet chefs, dieticians and nutritionists regularly works on continuing to develop the line of menus.

We regularly offer mensaVital dishes at our canteens.

Wholesome the whole day long

In many student unions in Germany, mensaVital is bringing fresh cuisine to the canteen with dishes that stimulate your mind, body and taste buds in equal measure. Carefully designed, nutritionally balanced recipes produce a creative, wholesome menu that provides the optimum conditions for maintaining your mental fitness and energy levels to take your day-to-day work and studies in your stride.

Fresh and vitamin-rich

The mensaVital mantra keeps preparation to a minimum to ensure a high vitamin content. With the aim of making a valuable contribution to the recommended "5 a day" minimum, a generous portion of fresh fruit and vegetables is provided with every meal. 

Healthy fat is good fat

The mensaVital cuisine steers well clear of the classic "fat traps" like fried or breaded foods, highly processed fats, cooking oil and clarified butter. Instead, the body is provided with a balanced supply of fat by the use of high-quality vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil or olive oil, lean meat and cold cuts, and low-fat milk and dairy products. A healthy supply of omega-3 fatty acids is ensured by the weekly fish dish. Fish is selected in strict accordance with the WWF list, to ensure that endangered species never end up on the table.